I love – BORSCH

 – preferably cold with a tablespoon of cream fresh ….. and parsilie ………. mmmmmm ……. delicious (y) (y) (y)
according to old russian recept ………. the Russian jews have always looked perplexed ….. a perverse I have heard !!! …. hehe 🙂 )))
in the Russian Jewish local
Lietzenburger corner uhland
often eaten
and and a few times
had been invited
at the woman
of Berliner Glas KG
which had had 2 Russian http://x2t.com/wiki-Barsoi
strange dogs ……. but very noble 
This is a traditional Russian meal, except that we made it meatless and never had a regret about it.
Basically, it is a thick soup with lots of cabbage and beets, served very hot with sour cream. Best for hangovers and cold winter afternoons.
The pictures do not explain the recipe thoroughly, please forgive our first attempt at making cinemagraphs, hope you still find them enjoyable.

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